SDCLSan Diego County Library (California)
SDCLSouth Dakota Codified Laws
SDCLSoftware Development Life Cycle
SDCLStudent Development and Campus Life (various institutions)
SDCLSoftware Development Center-Lee (now Software Engineering Center-Lee; Fort Lee, VA; US Army)
SDCLSustainable Development Capital, LLP (UK)
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State of South Dakota, SDCL CH42-7A; South Dakota Legislative Research Council, 2007, issue memorandum 94-28, Constitutional Amendment E: Video Lottery Continuation; http://www.
5) SB 169, 2005 SD Legislative Session, Public & Safety, amending Chapter 34-12E, SDCL.
Swinburne Maddison partner, Martyn Tennant, had formerly acted on behalf of Harveys of Edinburgh (HOE) International Limited in relation to its acquisition of SDCL in 2013.
GIB, through the SDCL fund, has provided PS1m of the funding, matched by PS1m from SI Capital R&S1.
281) The trial court in evaluating these failures found that "[l]aw enforcement's failure to comply with the provisions of SDCL 26-7A-13, 26-7A-13.
Accordingly, the lawyer's duties under the Rules and state law are owed to the claimant not the insurance company, including the requirement under SDCL 30-17-15 that the lawyer represent that the offer is fair, reasonable, and just.
Piersol, Chief Judge, of the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota certified two questions to the South Dakota Supreme Court as follows: "(1) Whether the last sentence of SDCL [section] 43-45-3(2) violates Article VI [section] 18 of the South Dakota Constitution.
Funded by Sustainable Development Capital LLP (SDCL), the project is the first of its kind under a strategic collaboration between Skanska, SDCL, Clarke Energy, GE and the NHS Confederation.