SDCMStandard Deviation of Color Matching
SDCMSystem Design Conceptual Model (telecommunications system design)
SDCMMaster Chief Steward (Naval Rating)
SDCMSerial Data Converter Module
SDCMSoftware Deployment and Configuration Management (Kwatee)
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The main differentiator of SDCM with respect to other SBAS systems is that it is conceived as an SBAS augmentation that would perform integrity monitoring of both GPS and GLONASS satellites, whereas the rest of current SBAS initiatives provide corrections and integrity just to GPS satellites.
Results obtained with the SDCM confirm that crankshafts experience complex stress patterns and that torsional vibration interacts with bending of the crankshaft under load on some units which have experienced failures.
It embodies technologies which the next generation of SDCM could use.
To the extent high, cycle-to-cycle, variation results from the unbalanced condition, the high excursions will involve high temperatures, more overload, higher emissions, and as discussed with reference to the SDCM, may contribute to crankshaft damage rate.
Nabors brings to SDCM a strong record of achievement in analyzing, modeling, and investing in mortgage-related asset-backed securities, with particular emphasis on the sub-prime home equity loan sector.
We're very pleased to welcome Tim Nabors to the growing SDCM team," said Pete Walsh, Managing Partner and founder of SDCM.
SDCM was formed in February 2007 by a team of senior dealmakers from BMO Capital Markets.