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Russia has also four SDCM stations overseas - three stations in Antarctica and one in Brazil.
The System for Differential Corrections and Monitoring (SDCM) is the Satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) currently being developed in the Russian Federation as a component of GLONASS.
Results obtained with the SDCM confirm that crankshafts experience complex stress patterns and that torsional vibration interacts with bending of the crankshaft under load on some units which have experienced failures.
It embodies technologies which the next generation of SDCM could use.
[] To the extent high, cycle-to-cycle, variation results from the unbalanced condition, the high excursions will involve high temperatures, more overload, higher emissions, and as discussed with reference to the SDCM, may contribute to crankshaft damage rate.
The project will investigate not only the influence of balancing methods on measures of performance such as fuel flow, but will also seek to investigate the influence of engine unbalance on the cycle-to-cycle variation of load on the crankshaft as measured by the SDCM.
[] Crankshaft Dynamic Strain acquired using SwRI's Strain Data Capture Module (SDCM).
In SDCM, a Chinese character is divided into six sections.
First, SDCM adopts the Old Song style which is unified, widely established, and used in printing.
Second, 11,100 characters have been coded with SDCM, and no two characters share the same code.
Third, SDCM is the first method of coding based on the shape of characters.
Finally, with SDCM, one can code characters quickly.