SDCNSustainable Development Communications Network
SDCNSustained Dialogue Campus Network (Washington, DC)
SDCNSacral Dorsal Commissural Nucleus
SDCNSNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)-Dependent Cepstral Normalization (audio processing)
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the purpose of the contract is to study the installation, Supply, Assembly and qualification of a cpy simulator (sdcn simulator) in simulator rooms previously refitted in the simulator building at the chinon site.
"While the original goal of the SDCN consortium was concessioning of the railway and port in Mozambique, the concessioning process and the raising of financing found the railway in Malawi concessioned first, in 1999.
"Thus, SDCN found itself in the position of running 'half a railway' between 1999 and 2005.
The services mainly include: 1) installation studies: the simulator will take over the design of existing cp1-cp2 simulators with the exception of the following points to be studied for the purpose of optimization and / or obsolescence treatment: 1.A) realization of a new virtualized architecture for servers and workstations; 1.B) replacement of the mosaics constituting the display of the existing sdcn by screens of equivalent size and resolution; 1.C) replacement of pcs for animating desks with simplified pcs; 1.D) upgrading network hardware; 1.E) doubling the thickness of the stainless steel plates for distributing the weight of the desks.
The fleet of simulators to be maintained on the national territory (excluding corsica and dom-tom) consists of approximately: - 18 full-scale simulators equipped with a hardware control room called sdch (1 simulator cp0, 15 simulators sirocco cpy and 1300, 2 simulators n4), - 6 full-scale simulators equipped with a numerical control room known as sdcn (3 cpy simulators, 3 simulators 1300 including 1 anglicized), - 7 reduced sdcn simulators, - 2 simulators equipped with a simulated command room known as sdcs (1 cp0 simulator and 1 cpy simulator).
With region nordjylland as a developer, it is planned to construct steno diabetes center north jutland (sdcn) in conjunction with ny aalborg university hospital (nau) in aalborg st.
Development of software versions (of the order of 3 versions per step), then install on digital simulators (about 3 SDCN).