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SDCPSonoran Desert Conservation Plan (Arizona)
SDCPSenior Deputy Commissioner of Police (various locations)
SDCPSerial Data Control Protocol
SDCPSame Day Cleared Payment (banking; New Zealand)
SDCPSystem Display Control Panel
SDCPSample Data Collection Program
SDCPSupply Demand Control Point
SDCPSintered Beta-Dicalcium Pyrophosphate
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In the present study, we investigated the effect of electrical stimulation applied to the agonist muscles which were already treated with BTX-A in children with SDCP. However, we observed no additional effect of electrical stimulation to the gastrocnemius muscle after BTX-A injection which was administered to the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in this patient population.
To the best of our knowledge, this study is the first to use the PSFS in the evaluation of SDCP patients, we are unable to make a comparison with previous studies.
In conclusion, both BTX-A injection alone and BTX-A injection treatment combined with electrical stimulation to the agonist muscles can reduce spasticity in children with SDCP. There is no additional benefit of electrical stimulation to the gastrocnemius muscle following the BTX-A injection for children with SDCP.
The Smallholder Dairy Commercialisation Programme (SDCP) was funded
SDCP provided training to dairy farmers to build their
strengthen market linkages, SDCP invested in improving road
Does SDCP improve the well-being of dairy farmers through
How does the process by which SDCP is implemented influence the
between 1,250 SDCP beneficiaries and 1,250 non-programme participants.
A 16-seater minibus, which is wheelchair accessible, is already in action, fetching people to SDCP's headquarters at Canolfan Ni, Corwen.
SDCP is keen to attract volunteer drivers for the Toyota.
"The Leaf can be hired for up to a week to go on holiday somewhere - if it is available," said Margaret Sutherland, who heads up SDCP.