SDCRSoftware Defined Cognitive Radio
SDCRStrategic Directions in Computing Research
SDCRSan Diego Cash Register (San Diego, CA)
SDCRSimple Duplication with Complementary Redundancy (computer theory)
SDCRSan Diego County RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service; San Diego, CA)
SDCRSlave Damper Control Relay
SDCRStaff Development and Career Review
SDCRSoftware Development Capability Review
SDCRSelf-Discharge Count Register (batteries)
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In the last five years, collaborative research efforts at SDCR have been focused on improving carbonate reservoir characterisation, carbonate matrix acidisation and recovery.
Kibsgaard also announced the opening of WesternGeco's latest computer centre at SDCR.
SDCR position statement on the first course for nonmajors.
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