SDCSSymantec Data Center Security (Symantec Corporation)
SDCSSampled-Data Control System
SDCSSan Diego City Schools
SDCSSimulation Data Conversion System (space flight operations)
SDCSSan Diego Computer Society
SDCSSita Departure Control System (automated transportation management)
SDCSSingly Differential Cross Section
SDCSSAR Data Catalog System
SDCSStudent Dental Care Service
SDCSSenior Chief Steward (Naval Rating)
SDCSSituation Display Console System
SDCSSoftware Development Customer Service (Sprint)
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In order to overcome the CS's shortcoming of slow convergence rate, the SD method is used to modify the CS algorithm, and the modified model is abbreviated as the SDCS model.
The SDCS process can be expressed by the following procedures.
SDCS welcomes new singers and its next season begins on Monday, January 6, at 7.
Existing karyotypic descriptions for pholcid species (Table 1) show that the diploid number varies from 2n = 15 to 2n = 32, that the predominant chromosome morphology is metacentric and that the most frequent SDCS is of the X/XX type.
All three continued to trade SDCS without reasonable prospect of paying creditors, kept Government money back and failed to keep adequate records.
In addition, DEA established a satellite office inside the SDCS headquarters and provided training programs and operational support to increase the size and scope of drug investigations.
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has assigned temporary duty agents to work in the SDCS headquarters.
The SDCS Cartridge in storage capacities of 300, 500 and 750 GBs
For over two decades, AIG VALIC has served SDCS as a 403(b) plan provider for its 18,000 administrators, faculty and support staff.
And our infrastructure needed to support those systems," said Michael Casey, executive director of IT for SDCS.
Saturn Drive Cartridge System (SDCS) -- The Saturn SDCS configuration adds a hot swappable removable hard drive system inside a 5 1/4" drive bay via USB, SATA or Firewire interface with the included USIB interface cable in each package.
With implementation of new equipment and services underway, SDCS anticipates annual savings in excess of $500,000.