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SDDISTP (Shielded Twisted-Pair) Distributed Data Interface
SDDIShielded Distributed Data Interface
SDDISerial Digital Data Interface
SDDIStudent Detail Data Interchange (Arizona Department of Education)
SDDISADC (South African Development Community)-DRFN (Desert Research Foundation of Namibia) Desertification Interact (agro-forestry)
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The Agreement obliges the DP World to use driving permits for special jobs (light & heavy machinery), use SDDI system in processing the services provided for therein and complying with the customer service standards set by RTA.
The arbitration panel later modified its award, stating that Conmac was entitled to a mechanic's lien against the property of SDDI.
Conmac further argued entitlement to a judgment based solely upon its award against SDDI. Conmac asserted that it should be awarded a judgment against the surety regardless of the validity of the lien.