SDDPShort Datagram Delivery Protocol
SDDPSouth Dakota Democratic Party (political group; Sioux Falls, SD)
SDDPStochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
SDDPServices Development and Delivery Process (US Air Force)
SDDPStructured Dialogic Design Process
SDDPStatutory Dismissal and Disciplinary Procedure
SDDPSegment, Deflect and Drop Policy (IEEE)
SDDPSolar Dynamic Demonstration Project
SDDPService Data Description Protocol
SDDPSwedish Deep Drilling Program
SDDPSystematic Design and Development Process (Parker Hannifin Corporation)
SDDPStandard Design and Development Process (Parker Hannifin Corporation)
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Improved business processes: In August 2014, the Air Force DCMO established the mandate that AF business systems with development and modernization requirements follow the SDDP to detail the procedures by which IT capabilities supporting AF processes are identified, defined, and developed.
Within the AF, BPR is a mandatory requirement within the overall SDDP and is the mechanism for creating the AF Problem Statement.
We concluded that with the combination of asynchronous and synchronous communication tools for engaging stakeholders at different places in a disciplined dialogue, SDDP can deliver reasonably effective and useful results at a shorter time and at a lower cost to the participants and the sponsors of the dialogue (Laouris and Christakis, 2007).
Unlike a failure to follow the SDDP, a failure to follow the code when dismissing an employee will not automatically lead to a finding of unfair dismissal.
Invixium with SDDP (Control4 s device discovery protocol) fits the bill, for those who are looking for industrial-grade access control, coupled with consumer-oriented home automation.