SDEDASaskatchewan Dutch Elm Disease Association (Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada)
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For transfer: provision of a domestic waste transfer center and equivalent on or near the Troyes urban area; operation of the transfer station; receiving, weighing before and after unloading; loading and transport of waste to the defined or treatment centers (s) by this batch; establishment of a process for receiving and identifying the flow by community member SDEDA. For treatment: reception, weighing before and after unloading; treatment of household and similar waste.
The Paris-based environmental services company Veolia has announced that its Valaubia arm has inked a deal to build and operate a waste-to-power plant for the French regional waste disposal authority Syndicat Departemental dElimination Des Dechets De LAube (SDEDA).
Daniele Boeglin, president of SDEDA, said, 'The choice to opt for the project presented by Veolia was made because it was entirely focused on the circular economy and energy recovery both heat and electricity and because it fully met our authoritys expectations.'
Contract Awarded to Build and operate a new waste-to-energy (WTE) plant for Syndicat Dpartemental dElimination Des Dchets De LAube (SDEDA) in France.
Public works concession: Public service delegation in the form of concession for the design, construction, financing and operation of the unit of energy recovery household and similar waste of sdeda.