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SDEPSystem Dynamics in Education Project (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
SDEPSpyware Detection, Eradication and Protection (Defense Information Systems Agency; US DoD)
SDEPStandard Deviation of Prediction
SDEPScottish Division of Educational Psychology (British Psychological Society)
SDEPSergeants Distance Education Program (USMC)
SDEPSoftware Demonstration Evaluation Procedure(s)
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In this way, the SDEP program is sequenced so that candidates can first gain initial competence in these strategies before they are expected to use them in a process of differentiated planning and instruction later in the program.
Principals who hired SDEP graduates as content area teachers reported they knew how to use and guide instructional assistants in their class.
Thus, the courage to change, one of the most important attributes of inclusive secondary educators (Kozik, Cooney, Vinciguerra, Gradel, & Black, 2009), is a value embedded throughout SDEP.
SDEP graduates have more of the pieces, such as: ELL, content, special education, team work, how you have to accommodate to meet students' needs.
my SDEP perspective and knowledge of the law helped me advocate for detracking during our Professional Learning Community meetings.
Several components of SDEP have been important to establishing a merged secondary program.
Seven supervisors who had supervised student teachers in both the SDEP program and in either the special education or secondary education discrete programs participated.
All had five-plus years of administrative experience and had employed an SDEP graduate for one and a half years at the time of the interview.
Responses of the SDEP graduates to the following items were examined: "My program prepared me to promote inclusive environments" and "My program prepared me to ensure that all learners succeed.
Do SDEP teacher candidates and graduates accommodate the needs of individual students within inclusive classrooms?
During interviews, university supervisors gave multiple examples of how SDEP candidates provided accommodations.
Another middle school language arts teacher noted "SDEP taught me how to have empathy for students in my classroom who are saying 'I don't get it' and instead of just telling them to do their homework, SDEP really teaches you how to help students with disabilities.