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SDESStudent Development and Enrollment Services (University of Central Florida; Orlando, FL)
SDESSource Description RTCP (Real-Time Control Protocol) Packet
SDESSouth Dakota Engineering Society
SDESSymptomatic Diffuse Esophageal Spasm
SDESService Dog Education System
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La clase principal, SisEventosDiscretos, esta asociada con dos grandes clases: por un lado esta la clase que describe a los Automatas de estado finito, que se denomina AEF, y, por otro lado, esta la clase que describe a los SDES como una red de Petri, que es la clase PetriNet.
Improvements for SIP-based calls, including dual video support, support for SDES key exchange in secure calls, and enhanced presence integration with Microsoft OCS.
Working with a custom integration team from Datacard Group, agencies can then define their specific requirements and fully implement SDES in a way that meets their unique needs.