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SDFStromal Cell-derived Factor
SDFSans Domicile Fixe
SDFSelf-Defense Forces (Japan)
SDFself defense force (US DoD)
SDFSocial Democratic Front (Cameroon)
SDFSolidarité des Français (French: French Solidarity)
SDFSustainable Development Fund
SDFSynchronous Data Flow (signal processing)
SDFSkills Development Fund (South Africa)
SDFScottish Drugs Forum (UK)
SDFSocial Democratic Federation
SDFSyntax Definition Formalism
SdFSûreté de Fonctionnement
SDFSpatial Data File (Autodesk, Inc.)
SDFStandard Data Format (file name extension)
SDFSony Defense Force
SDFStandard Delay Format
SDFSpecialdistriktsförbund (Sweden)
SDFSystem Data Format (Telabs)
SDFSingle Degree of Freedom
SDFSuper Dimensional Fortress (Macross/Robotech anime series)
SDFService Data Function (ITU-T & ETSI)
SDFSocial Development Foundation (India)
SDFService Delivery Framework
SDFStrategic Development Fund (UK)
SDFSimplified Directional Facility (US FAA)
SDFSugar Development Fund
SDFSynchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter
SDFSustainable Development Framework
SDFScreen Definition Facility
SDFSanayee Development Foundation
SDFScience Data Formatter
SDFStandard Delay File
SDFLouisville, KY, USA - Standiford Field (airport code)
SDFSoftware Development Framework
SDFSwiss Dairy Food
SDFSans Difficulté Financière
SDFSoftware Development Folder
SDFSales Disclosure Form (Indiana)
SDFSaviya Development Foundation (Sri Lanka; est. 1991)
SDFStep-Down Fix (aviation)
SDFStatus Display Facility
SDFState Dedicated Fund (New York)
SDFSelf-Defense Fleet
SDFSoft Decision Feedback
SDFSystem Development Facility
SDFSludge Derived Fuel
SDFSalik Development Foundation (est. 1989; Pakistan)
SDFSleazy Disco Folk (band)
SDFSubclass Data File
SDFStandard Distance File
SDFSimulation Data Format
SDFSegment Delay Fault
SDFServer Definition File
SDFSafety Data File
SDFStart Data Flow
SDFSurface Direct Fire
SDFSecure Digital Facsimile
SDFScan Distribute Function (AT&T)
SDFSoftware Development Facility/File
SDFSleep Disorder Facility
SDFSignificant Data File
SDFSupplier's Data File
SDFSeverity Distribution Function
SDFSpartan Dominion Forums
SDFSignal Detection Factor
SDFSpin-unrestricted Density Functional
SDFShape Data File
SDFSuper Density Fiberboard
SDFStandard Dual Frame
SDFSuitability Determination File
SDFStrategic Defensive Forces
SDFFamily-Based Stepper Dispatch Algorithm (scheduling rule)
SDFStaff Development Forum (UK)
SDFSame Deutz-Fahr (Italian agricultural machinery manufacturer)
SDFSwitch Disconnector Fuse (power distribution systems)
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provide a safer work place, provide better and more reliable solids dewatering performance, and have reduced maintenanced than the current SDF.
Founded by world-renowned security researcher Chris Davis who was responsible for taking down the infamous Mariposa botnet, and domain industry expert, Norm Ritchie, who has been designated as one of 7 trusted individuals in the world to hold the key to secure the Internet DNS root zone in the event of a catastrophe, the SDF was formed to help prevent criminal abuse on the Internet.
Japan has dispatched SDF personnel to UNDOF since 1996 in response to requests from the UN.
But it actually was made against a backdrop of the Defense Ministry's increasing wariness of sending SDF members to the area out of security concerns in light of the significant restrictions on the use of weapons by SDF personnel.
It will be the first time for SDF personnel to be dispatched overseas to work individually since the 1992 enactment of a law on joining in U.
The forthcoming SDF Journal will contain a summary of after-action reports from various SDF brigades that deployed in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the SDF monograph series on medical support will contain a number of mini-monographs detailing some of the SDF deployments in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Acting as a syndicator, SDF has standardized its investment terms and documents, thereby, minimizing investor risks, reducing due diligence requirements and keeping closing costs very low.
Despite the ban on out-of-country combat, over the past four decades, Japan has upgraded its forces, professionalizing the SDF without abrogating its constitution.
DPJ leader Yukio Hatoyama told reporters Monday that he can never compromise the party's position over a demand by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) that the government be allowed to dispatch the SDF overseas without gaining Diet approval in advance.
TA SDF II will provide subordinated loans to middle-market growth companies primarily in opportunities developed and led by TA.
The unit consists mainly of SDF engineers who will help in reconstruction work in the quake-devastated country, and includes three civilians who will examine the quake resistance of buildings.
Whether Japan should keep noncombat SDF troops there beyond December has been debated in Japanese political circles, although Koizumi who heads the dominant Liberal Democratic Party has not raised it as a major issue in the upcoming election.