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SDF1Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1
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Individuals with variants of the genes encoding the chemokine receptors--CCR2 and CCR5--and the ligand SDF1 have been shown to be resistant to HIV-1 infection and progression of disease (3-6).
It was hypothesized that the chemokines SDF1 and Fractalkine would promote stem cell migration.
SDF1 also induced two other important structural changes.
Researchers injected one of three doses of the SDF1 gene(5mg, 15mgor30mg) into the hearts of 17 patients with symptomatic heart failure and monitored them for up to a year.
It was demonstrated that CD4 T cells also secrete MIP1[alpha], MIP1[beta] and RANTES that protect it against R5 strain of HIV-1, and SDF1 protects it against the X4 strain of HIV-1 (23).