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SDFG said the government delegations rejected the preparatory meeting and proposed "that all other issues relevant to the particularities of the three war regions (Darfur and Blue Nile and South Kordofan/Nuba Mountains) be addressed and resolved as a part of that dialogue".
With the European market for telehandlers estimated to be one billion Euros, the combined energies of JLG and SDFG are expected to produce significant growth opportunities.
Vittorio Carozza, Chairman of the Board and President of SDFG.
SDFG believes that the theme of commemorating this year's International Day for Democracy is a challenge for the Sudanese people that reminds them of their failure to attain democratic transformation and create space for civil society activities, said Mohamed Is'haq Abdulshafi, an SDFG program coordinator.
SDFG believes that the problem lies not only in the limited space for civil society, but also in the deliberate obstruction by the Sudanese government to create the necessary conditions for a just peace; needless to say that no genuine democracy is achievable without a just peace that stops the war and allows civil society to operate freely.
While commemorating the International Day for Democracy, under the theme of 'Space for Civil Society', SDFG would like to reassert that it is our duty as civil society groups to work for achieving democratic transformation , and believe that it is a necessary pillar to realize just peace, development, and justice in Sudan.
We at SDFG have been tirelessly working with our allies and partners in the broader Sudanese civil society movement towards the unification of all Sudanese agents of democratic change.
We, at SDFG believes that the diversity and inclusiveness of the issues and ideas reflected in the Charter, and the positive, constructive and complementary engagement/approach of all participants (as opposed to the all or nothing approach) qualifies the New Dawn Charter as a vehicle to promote the national responsibility all active Sudanese political and civic forces.
SDFG acknowledges the hesitancy expressed and in some cases, the withdrawal of commitment signaled by few of parties in Khartoum with respect to the New Dawn Charter, whether due to fear of intimidation, organized campaigns of attack, blackmailing or threats by the government apparatus, or as a result of the fragility of political interests.
SDFG concluded by calling for work to topple the "most corrupt, repressive, oppressive and racist regime" in the history of Sudan in order to usher in a future of democratic change and a state based on institutions, peace, accountability and development.
According to SDFG, UNMIS has reacted with silence or refusal to a number of requests to evacuate individuals who were in danger on the pretext of "the mission mandate does not allow.
SDFG said that UNMIS had declined or ignored requests to evacuate individuals on the pretext that 'the mission mandate does not allow.