SDFGSynchronous Dataflow Graph (computer algorithms)
SDFGSan Diego Flute Guild
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From the SDFG we can also extract the critical path C (that forms a linear graph) and evaluate the execution time when instruction are executed speculatively based on their predicted values.
"The new proposal is intended to confine the mandate of the UNAMID to only the Jebel Mara area, with immediate effect," further said SDFG.
SDFG call upon all Sudanese civil and political organizations and groups interested in Sudanese affairs to organize a campaign to support the re-publication of the newspaper because it represents one of the advanced fronts in the battle for the restoration of democracy in Sudan.
In a report released on Monday, the SDFG demanded the government to reveal the details of offers presented by some foreign companies to manage Sudan's ports in order to end what it described as "state of secrecy, ambiguity and speculation surrounding the matter".
"Vital questions of power sharing and the relationship with the centre were reduced to individualist trading over government positions," said a statement issued by SDFG at the end of the meeting.
SDFG believes that the position of the AUHIP is an explicit support the policies of the Bashir regime and would lead to the escalation of the ongoing military campaigns in Darfur around Jebel Marra, in South Kordofan/Nuba Mountains and in Blue Nile around Kilqo Mountain area.
Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG) is pleased to announce the release of its first report that focuses on the lack of transparency in the oil sector in Sudan.
"The GoS' (Government of Sudan) delegation also insisted on provisions which would see its forces deploy along international borders, particularly towards boarders with the Republic of South Sudan, behind the current lines held by the armed political movements in Darfur and the Two Areas,".said a report released by Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG).
Briefing Note by Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG)
Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG) commemorated on 15 September 2015 the International Day for Democracy, which the United Nations (UN) marks as a day to encourage governments and non-governmental organizations (NGO) and individuals all over the world to work towards consolidating democracy and boosting its opportunities.
The area has thus been the target of deliberate and indiscriminate aerial bombings and the site of burned villages and farms since the outbreak of the war, as SDFG reported as early as 2012 (Arabic).
Sources tell SDFG that Hilal would in fact be pressing to a first vice-president from Darfur and to nominate three of Darfur's five governorships and two deputy governors.