SDFIState Direct Financial Interest (Norway)
SDFISecure Digital Forensic Imaging
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The SDFI s foreign currency revenues are transferred every day via a foreign exchange portfolio in Norges Bank called the petroleum buffer , where they accumulate prior to final transfer to the GPFG once a month.
Dividends from Statoil and the proceeds from sales of shares in Statoil and SDFI interests are also paid in NOK.
Foreign currency from the SDFI and from Norges Bank's currency purchases is transferred temporarily to a buffer portfolio which forms part of Norges Bank's foreign exchange reserves.
As mentioned above, the foreign currency transferred to the Pension Fund comes partly from the SDFI directly and partly from Norges Bank's foreign exchange purchases.
Chart 10 shows the relationship between the surplus on the current account, transfers of foreign currency from the SDFI, Norges Bank's foreign currency purchases, and the trade-weighted NOK exchange rate index (TWI).
The capital to be transferred to the Pension Fund comes partly in foreign currency from the SDFI and partly in NOK from taxes on oil companies.
Companies that buy SDFI stakes will also face some uncertainty as to the future tax system, which will have a negative effect on their willingness to pay.
The increase is largely due to new fields coming on stream and to the acquisition of former SDFI ( State Direct Financial Interest) assets on Norwegian fields.
The investment figure includes this year's anticipated capital expenditure related to the newly acquired VAW, but does not reflect the actual acquisition itself nor a possible purchase of SDFI shares.