SDFMSuper Dimension Fortress Macross (Japanese TV series)
SDFMSan Diego Family Magazine (San Diego, CA)
SDFMState Department for Financial Monitoring (Ministry of Finance, Ukraine)
SDFMSensor-Driven Fire Model
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It can be seen that the results from the SDFM agree well with the FEKO-MLFMM results for both types of polarization.
Caption: Figure 1: Sea surface illustration with SDFM.
Solution SDFM FEKO-MLFMM Time 10.423 s 2460.248 s Memory 23.8 MB 5814.8 MB Table 2: Comparison of the calculation time and memory.
Entretanto, esse incremento e sempre maior na ausencia da mucuna preta, pois a diferenca de 1,62Mg [ha.sup.-1] na SD decresce para 1,32Mg [ha.sup.-1] na SDM e de 1,68Mg [ha.sup.-1] na SDF para 0,88Mg [ha.sup.-1] na SDFM, o que comprova a eficiencia da mucuna em aumentar o rendimento da cultura principal.
--Sistemas de culturas-- Ano de Adubacao SD SDM SDG SDGM SDF SDFM Cultivo Nao adubado 3,24 4,17 3,45 3,57 5,29 3,44 2006 Adubado 5,61 5,00 5,72 4,06 4,58 5,66 Nao adubado 4,45 5,78 5,01 5,55 6,12 5,98 2007 Adubado 6,60 9,52 6,11 6,64 8,20 5,81 Nao adubado 4,55 6,74 5,23 4,19 5,70 6,96 2008 Adubado 11,07 6,19 7,34 6,07 4,97 7,22 Nao adubado 4,08 5,56 4,56 4,43 5,70 5,46 Media Adubado 7,76 6,90 6,39 5,59 5,91 6,23 Semeadura Direta (SD), Semeadura Direta com Mucuna (SDM), Semeadura direta com Guandu (SDG), Semeadura Direta com Guandu e Mucuna (SDGM), Semeadura Direta com Fava (SDF), Semeadura Direta com Fava e Mucuna (SDFM).
One aspect of that research is the development of a Sensor Driven Fire Model (SDFM), a decision support tool that can improve the response to fire events by identifying the present conditions such as fire size and location, smoke levels, and room temperatures.
This paper aims to establish feasible scheme that conforms to sea surface two-scale model by combining SDFM and SBR method.
SDFM method is adopted to calculate scattering contribution of sea surface.
In this study, scattering field from sea surface is computed based on SDFM. Bragg scattering field from each facet can be obtained by Fuks' model, with fair approximation that Bragg wave is a single frequency sinusoidal wave to simplify computation, and the polarization factor is modulated by gravity wave.
Figures 4 and 5 show numerical results of SDFM compared with those simulated by MLFMM in commercial software FEKO.