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SDFSSafe and Drug-Free Schools
SDFSSame-Day Funds Settlement
SDFSSBI Debt Fund Series (SBI Mutual Fund)
SDFSSan Diego Fern Society (San Diego, CA)
SDFSSlave Descendants Freedom Society (est. 1991)
SDFSSonoran Desert Field Station (USGS Western Ecological Research Center; University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ)
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Unlike PTC and CHIPS, however, DTC's SDFS system does not employ a special settlement account but rather relies on DTC's regular account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to receive transfers from and make transfers to settlement banks acting on behalf of system participants.
began global book-entry offerings of medium-term notes through DTC's SDFS system.
and "For how many years have you been working with the SDFS program in this district?