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SDGSoli Deo Gloria (Latin: To God Alone the Glory)
SDGSiding (railways)
SDGStrategic Decisions Group
SDGSecoisolariciresinol Diglycoside (the main lignan in flaxseed)
SDGSteer Davies Gleave (UK consultancy firm)
SDGSpencer Davis Group (band)
SDGSoftware Development Group (NCSA)
SDGStormont, Dundas & Glengarry (United Counties, ON)
SDGSystem Design Group
SDGSystem Dependence Graph
SDGSample Delivery Group
SDGScreen Directors Guild
SDGSuper Dragon Gem (Conquer Online)
SDGSigned Directed Graph
SDGSaratoga Drama Group (California community theater)
SDGSuperior Defender Gundam (anime)
SDGSubjective Difference Grade
SDGSingle Digit Great
SDGStandby Diesel Generator (emergency bus power, nuclear power)
SDgGeometric Standard Deviation
SDGSingle Digit Good (flash game FFR or Stepmania)
SDGSoil Density Gauge
SDGSlightly Decomposed Granite
SDGSAS Data Group
SDGSubmarine Development Group
SDGSindrome do Dedo Gordo (Brazil)
SDGStandard Design Guide
SDGSrpska Dobrovojacka Garda (Serbian Volunteer Guard)
SDGSupervisión Dirección General (Guatemala police supervision)
SDGSynthesis Design Group, Inc. (est. 2003)
SDGSpeed Defies Gravity Motors Inc. (Santa Ana, CA)
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The SDG were adopted by the UN member countries in September 2015.
For SDG Group, which mainly operates in Europe, the partnership represents an opportunity to push into the MENA region -- the firm previously launched in Egypt, but it sees the wider MENA region as strategic.
If given the go-ahead, SDG has also pledged to extend the existing avenue of oak trees that lead to the park gates.
Committee for Refugees to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, 28 September 2000; also SDG #115 (December 1999), 2, and #116 (January 2000), 2.
They have established a Centre for SDGs to coordinate the SDG activities in the State Government and also foster research in collaboration with reputed institutions.
The Company feels that the experience and background of the principals of SDG will greatly assist us in attempting to advance our scientific and commercial goals," commented Kenneth J.
Federal and provincial governments, he said, have committed a total of 15 million US dollars for SDG localization in Pakistan for 5 years.
Alexander De Croo: "The Belgian SDG Charter wants to increase awareness of the ambitious sustainable development agenda in the Belgian private sector.
SDG has served the mobile Linux marketplace in the US since 2001.
Develop and apply guidance for assessing SDG data availability and gaps
State Secretary Friedrich Kitschelt of the Federal Government of Germany and the UN Assistant Secretary General, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, Magdy Martnez-Solimn signed a Statement of Intent today to undertake global activities for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and open a Global SDG Action Campaign Center in Bonn, supported by the German Government.
SDG will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Wave Group of Companies.