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SDGSoli Deo Gloria (Latin: To God Alone the Glory)
SDGSiding (railways)
SDGStrategic Decisions Group
SDGSecoisolariciresinol Diglycoside (the main lignan in flaxseed)
SDGSteer Davies Gleave (UK consultancy firm)
SDGSpencer Davis Group (band)
SDGSoftware Development Group (NCSA)
SDGStormont, Dundas & Glengarry (United Counties, ON)
SDGSystem Design Group
SDGSystem Dependence Graph
SDGSample Delivery Group
SDGScreen Directors Guild
SDGSuper Dragon Gem (Conquer Online)
SDGSigned Directed Graph
SDGSaratoga Drama Group (California community theater)
SDGSuperior Defender Gundam (anime)
SDGSubjective Difference Grade
SDGSingle Digit Great
SDGStandby Diesel Generator (emergency bus power, nuclear power)
SDgGeometric Standard Deviation
SDGSingle Digit Good (flash game FFR or Stepmania)
SDGSoil Density Gauge
SDGSlightly Decomposed Granite
SDGSAS Data Group
SDGSubmarine Development Group
SDGSindrome do Dedo Gordo (Brazil)
SDGStandard Design Guide
SDGSrpska Dobrovojacka Garda (Serbian Volunteer Guard)
SDGSupervisión Dirección General (Guatemala police supervision)
SDGSynthesis Design Group, Inc. (est. 2003)
SDGSpeed Defies Gravity Motors Inc. (Santa Ana, CA)
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SDG combines a vendor-neutral approach and years of IT experience to combine business strategies with IT needs.
With his expertise and that of the entire SDG team, we look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with San Diego's business organizations.
The founders of SDG pioneered the field of Decision Analysis, which is now included in almost all business school curricula.
SDG combines a vendor-neutral approach and years of IT experience to bridge the chasm between a client's senior management and their IT departments.
The Compleat-200 SDG blends the application and service control functions of service delivery platforms with the softswitch call control, signaling interworking, and media conversion functions of an integrated media gateway.
We are very excited to work with SDG Corporation's top-notch consultants and engineers who have already proven their abilities to help our customers get the most value possible from our Virtual Directory Engine (VDE) Suite of products," said Clayton Donley, CTO of OctetString, Inc.
In partnership with Stanford University and other major universities, SDG has developed a variety of service offerings that enable clients to sense and respond rapidly to change, implement practical solutions to current problems, and achieve an alignment of purpose with shareholder value creation.