SDGTSpecially Designated Global Terrorists (US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control)
SDGTSlow Dynamics and Glass Transition
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htm (noting that FARC was named an FTO by the Secretary of State in October 1997 and a SDGT pursuant to Executive Order 13224 in November 2001).
According to the ACLU's complaint, both the authority to designate SDGTs and to freeze assets "pending investigation" violate the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments because they give the government the virtually unfettered ability to shut down an organization even if it has no intent to engage in or support criminal activity.
Furthermore, under the same authorities, the Department of State designated al-Nusrah Front as a standalone FTO and SDGT.
Department of Treasury, through the OFAC, issued regulations that, among other things, prohibited any transactions or dealings in blocked property, or any transactions with an SDGT by a U.
Federal law prohibited financial transactions involving the property of SDGTs and froze their assets.