SDHCASouth Dakota Health Care Association
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The ESI negative ion mass spectra of SHCA and SDHCA, which are published elsewhere (24), reveal intense, predominantly singly charged, deprotonated ions [[M-H].
The limits of detection, defined as S/N >3, were 5, 2, 5, and 2 pg on column for SHCA, SDHCA, GSHCA, and GSDHCA, respectively.
27]-steroid oxidoreductase; MS, mass spectrometry; FAB, fast atom bombardment; MS/MS, tandem MS; LC, liquid chromatography; ESI, electrospray ionization; SHCA, 3[beta]-sulfooxy-7[alpha]-hydroxy-chol-5-en-24-oic acid; SDHCA, 3[beta]-sulfooxy-7[alpha], 12[alpha]-dihydroxy-chol-5-en-24-oic-acid; GSHCA, glycine conjugate of SHCA; GSDHcA, glycine conjugate of SDHCA; UDCA-7S, ursodeoxycholic acid 7-sulfate; MRM, multiple reaction monitoring; S/N, signal-to-noise ratio; SIR, single ion recording.