SDHISocial Dimensions of Health Institute (UK)
SDHIStandard Deduction for Health Insurance (taxation)
SDHISecure Digital Host Interface
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The nominal value of SDHI 2016-A was Rp1 trillion with fixed yield of 5.
Under current policy Frank pays less in taxes than Dave, but under the SDHI they would have the same tax bill.
These two groups are strictly better off under the SDHI.
SDHI chemistry is an important component of Syngenta's $3.
It is the market's most effective SDHI chemistry offering broad-spectrum control of damaging foliar diseases and soil pathogens as well as significant resistance management benefits.
SDHI valued at Rp9 trillion was issued first in May 2009 with the religious affairs ministry as the buyer through private placement.
In the first phase, the ministry bought SDHI 2010 valued at Rp1.
the SDHI fungicide for cereals, performed well in Europe.
based on the SDHI fungicide sedaxane, continued its rapid expansion with sales up by almost 50 percent.
These developments masked the ongoing success of the new SDHI seed treatment VIBRANCE[sup.
based on the SDHI fungicide sedaxane, was successfully launched on several crops globally, with the most significant contributions coming from Canada and the USA.
Our programme of four main fungicide sprays - including SDHIs at T1 and T2 - coupled with generally low disease pressures meant we kept plenty of green leaf throughout the season to support the average 820 ears/m2 and 36 grains/ear we recorded in July.