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SDHSSan Diego Historical Society
SDHSSan Diego High School (California)
SDHSSociety of Dance History Scholars
SDHSStephen Decatur High School (Berlin, Maryland)
SDHSSatellite Data Handling System
SDHSSouth-Doyle High School
SDHSStuarts Draft High School (Stuarts Draft, VA)
SDHSSocial Development and Human Security (Thailand)
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You can eat an occasional burger without feeling that you're compromising your diet, because recent studies like the SDHS found that for many people, reducing saturated fats actually increases the risk for heart disease.
You can provide much needed funding to the SDHS and get yourself a limited edition t-shirt while spreading a positive message on animal advocacy at www.
Ramsden and colleagues say that these SDHS outcomes correspond to results from two randomized controlled trials that used corn oil (also high in omega-6 PUFAs) instead of safflower oil.
Most SDHS reported receiving classroom instruction about the American Dental Hygienists' Association's smoking cessation initiative (Ask.
8; and Brad Fikes, business reporter for the daily North County Times, SPJ board member, SDHS Class of '76 and a former student reporter on The Russ.
Plant density did not change for SDHS between 1994 and 1995 (P = 0.
Duration of continuous stocking Years LDLS([dagger]) IDMS SDHS plants [m.
The crown diameters ranged from 10 to 46 cm for SDHS, 15 to 56 cm for IDMS, and 12 to 56 for LDLS.
The Sudan Safe Motherhood Survey (SSMS, 1999) has shown an urban prevalence of 93%, a rural prevalence of 89%, and overall prevalence of 90% in Sudan, which at the best can be evaluated as static since about three decades ago (overall 89% according to SDHS, 1979)
Susan Eike Spalding, from CORD and Berea College in Kentucky, and Dawn Lille Horwitz, from SDHS and the Juilliard School and New York University, were co-chairs of the entire conference steering committee.
Annual meetings and award ceremonies were held during noon break times by CORD, SDHS, DCA, NDA and Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Society.