SDIASecurities and Derivatives Industry Association
SDIAStromal Cell-Derived Inducing Activity
SDIASan Diego Ice Arena (San Diego, CA)
SDIASusila Dharma International Association (Canada)
SDIASystem Design for Internet Applications
SDIAScottish Distant Island Allowance
SDIAShip's Data Interface Assembly
SDIASoap and Detergent Industries Association (UK)
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SdiA sensing of acyl-homoserine lactones by enterohemorrhagic E.
The ratings reflect SDIA's sizable origination & destination (O&D) enplanement base exceeding 10 million in a thriving metropolitan area.
To our knowledge, there is only one other study differentiating hESC to autonomic neurons which has employed the use of BMP4 during differentiation [10], but this study did not use SDIA which is likely to be at least partly responsible for the higher yields of sympathetic neurons we observed (Table 1).
(3) Combined with the feature extraction rule of (1) and (2), in a unit time T, two features of PSD and SDIA are calculated and extracted, respectively, and a two-tuple feature is structured from these two features of PSD and SDIA to generate the network flow correlation degree (FCD) feature of the network flow F; we compute
The SDIA has distributed the incentive guidebook to Saemangeum-related organizations both online and offline since Dec.
"The ISIL's military leader has been killed during clashes with the security forces that erupted in Sdia sub-district of Diyala province on Sunday," security sources said.
A father of 20 children from two wives, Jaharani said that Sdia's eyes sometimes produce as many as 100 stones a day.
Soares et al., "SdiA, an N-acylhomoserine lactone receptor, becomes active during the transit of Salmonella enterica through the gastrointestinal tract of turtles," PLoS ONE, vol.
Sdia Zahidi of the WEF said that by contrast, many sub-Saharan countries had not invested in women, but through necessity, they played a major role in the economy.
For those that haven't invested in women's education, addressing this obstacle is critical," said Sdia Zahidi, co-author of the Report and Head of the Women Leaders and Gender Parity Programme.
The report's founder and co-author Sdia Zahidi said that since the WEF began compiling the index in 2006, 80 percent of countries had made progress, adding that 20 percent of countries have made no progress or are falling behind.
As the pre-eminent news and information source for frequent international travellers, CNN is a valuable partner in this space and we're delighted to deliver the continuity that enables our audience to stay informed and follow the big global stories in real time", commented Sdia Bahraoui, Commercial Director, Out of Home Distribution, CNN International.