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SDIOStrategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDIOSecure Digital Input/Output
SDIOSecure Digital Input Output
SDIOSecurities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SDIOStrategic Defense Initiative Office
SDIOSerial Data Input/Output
SDIOSpace Defense Initiative Office
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Larson, deputy director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) Directed Energy Directorate.
This makes the e-WiB solution as easy as plugging a SDIO card, still offering the flexibility of having an external antenna as per their requirements." said Ashok Babu, President e-con Systems.
In addition--with its expansion card slot which supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCard formats--the LifeDrive offers users an easy way to share movies, MP3 files, and photos in one compact device that has an estimated street price of $499.
* Digital Only: 800MHz/1900MHz * NationalAccess/BroadbandAccess Capable * VZEmail with Wireless Sync-MSM5500 Chipset * 3.5" QVGA 65K Color Transflective LCD * Bluetooth Capable * Integrated QWERTY Keyboard * SDIO Expansion Slot for additional memory and peripheral devices
The memory can be removed from the SDIO slot so more (or other) functions can be added.
Just behind the Bluetooth button are the two SD/SDIO slots - you can either load up with two 512MB SD cards, or go for one SD and one SDIO peripheral, such as WiFi or a camera.
The phone itself includes an integrated keyboard, a color screen, a camera, and a secure digital (SDIO) slot.
(NYSE:HIT), Ubiquitous Platform Systems Group, recently announced that SDIO enhancement will be available on the Windows Mobile-based PCS Phone by Hitachi Model SH-G1000, featuring an integrated QWERTY keyboard, camera and wireless phone.
Las iPAQ incluyen caracteristicas comunes como la pantalla transflectiva de colores brillantes, una ranura de expansion SDIO que permite almacenamiento y capacidades adicionales, baterias removibles, software para impresion movil y un programa exclusivo de HP, iPAQ Image Viewer, que permite ver imagenes y crear presentaciones de diapositivas.
To overcome these problems, the SDI Organization (SDIO) replaced SBI with Brilliant Pebbles (BP).
La ranura para tarjetas de expansion acepta tambien dispositivos SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output) ademas de las tarjetas de memoria.
The expansion card slot will also accept Secure Digital input/output (SDIO) devices in addition to memory cards.