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SDIPSkinny Dual Inline Package
SDIPSustainable Development Investment Partnership (est. 2015)
SDIPSafe Driver Insurance Plan (Massachusetts)
SDIPShrink Dual Inline Package
SDIPService Delivery Improvement Plan (South Africa)
SDIPSea Duty Incentive Pay (US Navy)
SDIPSubstance Dependency-Induced Psychosis
SDIPSoftware Development Integrity Program
SDIPSECAN Doctrine and Information Publications (Nato standards for TEMPEST)
SDIPSystems Design and Integration Panel
SDIPSimulator Data Integrity Program
SDIPSOGS/DADS Interface Processor
SDIPStructure-to-Device Interface Package
SDIPSafe Driver Insurance Points
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Launched nationally in July 200.5, SDIP aimed to increase skilled birth attendance and increase births in health facilities.
There has been substantial increase in the number of SDIP beneficiaries and institutional deliveries compared to previous years.
SDIP members include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Citi, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norwary, Sweden, the UK, and the US.
Points and corresponding rate increases are clearly laid out in the SDIP grid that can be viewed at
Under SDIP, your insurance premium is determined by your driving record.
Sisk is professor of international and comparative politics at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, and is director of both the Center for Sustainable Development and International Peace (SDIP) and the Korbel Program in Humanitarian Assistance.
South Africa's 'Engineering News' (July 09) discusses the need for a Solar Development Industry Programme (SDIP), similar to the Motor Industry Development Programmes (MIDP).
Meanwhile, the disability carriers are organizing a new Council of Disability Insurers, and the retail producers are organizing a new International Society of Disability Income Professionals, says Ron Cohen, a Barker, Texas, disability insurance broker who is helping to set up the SDIP.
The device is housed in a SDIP package which occupies half the space of the standard 8-pin DIP devices, and it is believed to be the smallest optoisolator package currently available that is designed to comply with reinforced insulation class international safety standards.
(a) In line with the Constitution, SAPS Act, Public Service Regulations, and the Mission and Service Standards of the SAPS, the purpose of the Service Delivery Improvement Programme (SDIP) is to improve the quality of service delivery by the following means:
Available packages include 28-pin SOIC, SDIP, 40-pin PDIP, and 44-lead TQFP and QFN.
Pricing in 1,000-unit quantities for the 28-pin SDIP industrial temperature version is $3.34 each, and $3.67 each for the 40-pin SDIP industrial temperature version.