SDISService Départemental d'Incendie et de Secours (French: Departmental Service of Fire and Rescue)
SDISSwitched Digital Integrated Service
SDISSatellite Digital Imaging System (Civil Air Patrol)
SDISSwitched Digital Integrated Service (FTS2000)
SDISSpeech Driven Information System
SDISSkill Development Initiative Scheme (Directorate General of Employment and Training; Ministry of Labour and Employment; India)
SDISSIMNET Database Interchange Specification
SDISSunman Dearborn Intermediate School (West Harrison, IN)
SDISSingle Digit Identification System
SDISSD Information Services (UK management consultant)
SDISService Department Information System (UK)
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Provision of computer terminals embedded in the emergency vehicles and assistance to the victims for the sdis 19 as part of the cooperation project sdis 19 / samu 19 - telemedicine / tlsecourisme.
Several authors have suggested that stakeholder collaboration plays a key role within SDIs (Nedovic-Budic and Pinto 2000, Warnest 2005, McDougall 2006).
SDIs enhance integration of Shasta Out-of-the-Box Services in three key areas -- security services, service fulfillment, and service management.
The case illustrates the importance of minimizing bias with tests using PT limits of [+or-]3.0 SDIs.
The SDIs are characterized as belonging to one of two main categories and their subgroups: 1) national data-producer led, with and without user involvement; and 2) non national data-producer led, with and without formal mandate.
Main features: checking and maintenance of fire extinguishers operating in the buildings and vehicles of the departmental fire and rescue service of haute-vienne (sdis 87).
Sea freight and the associated services of the: - france hexagonal rendering sdis guadeloupe, - european union rendered sdis guadeloupe, - international rendering sdis guadeloupe, - sdis guadeloupe made france hexagonal, - sdis guadeloupe made european union, - sdis guadeloupe rendered international.
The compatibility of imagePROGRAF TX Series with certain SDI software helps users handle extremely large files and offers extensive print lengths with SDIs patented APS printing solution.
this consultation concerns the acquisition of vehicles for assistance and assistance to victims (vsav) (chassis and equipment) for the needs of the sdis of pas-de-calais, Northern sdis, Sdis of the somme and sdis of the aisne.