SDISCSan Diego International Sports Council (California)
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Table 6 Summary of the signs of the variable coefficients (expected versus observed) Expected Observed Sig coefficient coefficient sign sign Social Disclosure (SDISC) negative negative Yes ** Internationalization (INTER) negative negative Yes * Effect of change in unanticipated negative Yes * corporate law (CORLAW) Size--assets (SIZ1) negative positive Yes * Size--operating income negative negative Yes * (SIZ2) Ratio of book to market positive positive Yes * value (BM) Leverage (LEV) positive negative Yes * List--companies listed in negative excluded No socially responsible funds * Significant at 1% ** Significant at 5% 4.1 Discussion of the Results.
Tabela 6 Resumo dos sinais dos coeficientes das variaveis (esperados versus observados) Sinal Sinal Sig esperado do observado do coeficiente coeficiente Social Disclosure (SDISC) negativo negativo Sim ** Internacionalizacao (INTER) negativo negativo Sim * Efeito da alteracao na nao previsto negativo Sim * legislacao societaria (LEGSOC) Tamanho--ativo--([TAM.sub.1]) negativo positivo Sim * Tamanho--receita operacional negativo negativo Sim * --([TAM.sub.2]) Razao entre valor patrimonial positivo positivo Sim * e valor de mercado (BM) Alavancagem (ALAV) positivo negativo Sim * List--empresas listadas em negativo excluido Nao fundos socialmente responsaveis * Significativa ao nivel de 1% ** Significativa ao nivel de 5% 4.1 Discussao dos Resultados.
Regarding the Disconfirmation of Expectations, the tables presenting descriptive statistics, inter-item correlations and coefficient alphas for the expectation ([E.sub.i]) and perception ([P.sub.j]) items summed to develop the expectation (EXP) and perception (PER) components of the difference score measure of the disconfirmation of expectation (DISC) construct and the table presenting the descriptive statistics, inter-item correlations and coefficient alpha for the items (S[D.subh.i]) that were summed to form the subjective difference measure of the disconfirmation of expectations construct (SDISC).