SDITSchool District Income Tax (Ohio)
SDITService Dog in Training
SDITSurvey Data in Teaching
SDITSekolah Dasar Islam Terpadu
SDITSan Diego International Terminals, Inc
SDITSan Diego International Triathlon
SDITSociété de Diffusion et d'Information Thérapeutique
SDITShanghai Digital Information Technology, Inc.
SDITScuba Diver In Turmoil (band)
SDITSons and Daughters In Touch, Inc.
SDITSustainable Development Issues Team (USDA Forest Service)
SDITSan Diego Invitiational Tournament
SDITShepparton District Interagency Team
SDITSystem Design & Integration Technologies
SDITSecure Digital Image Transfer Facility
SDITSummer Dance Institute for Teachers
SDITSustainable Development Implementation Team (Canada)
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Source: General data, National Institute of Statistics Table 6: Descriptive statistics of the database selected from SDIT Sample: 18 SER01 SER10 SER11 SER12 SER13 Mean 24080.
There were significant sex differences in SDIT and all IQ composite scores.
MLEs of the phenotypic correlations for MZ and DZ groups for SDIT and FIQ are presented in Table 1 -- these are based on data where multivariate outlying twin pairs have been removed.
The MLE of the phenotypic correlation between SDIT and FIQ was -.
Low factor loadings in the full AE model were tested for significance and dropped where appropriate; only the unique environment path between SDIT and FIQ could be dropped.
The first additive genetic factor accounted for 36% of variance in SDIT and 32% of variance in FIQ, such that genetic influences that decreased SDIT increased FIQ.