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SDJSociété des Journalistes (French: Society of Journalists)
SDJSporting Dog Journal
SDJSudetendeutsche Jugend (German: Sudeten German Youth)
SDJStarter Deck Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
SDJSendai, Japan - Sendai (Airport Code)
SDJSaudi Dental Journal (Saudi Arabia)
SDJSpiel de Jahres (German: Game of the Year)
SDJSekolah Dato Jaafar (Malaysian school)
SDJShiddukh du Jour (Hebrew: Prospective Marriage Partner of the Day)
SDJSouth Davis Junior (High School, Utah)
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Flinn's opening salvo seeking disenfranchised journalists read: "If you've ever found yourself lost by technobabble in meetings, then SDJ is for you.
Monster, world leader in the manufacturing of high-performance headphones, connectivity solutions and consumer electronics accessories, is pleased to announce that it has signed a long-term agreement to license the Monster brand name for use by Simi Valley-based SDJ Technologies, a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of high-performance Flash Memory Storage devices.
Gomes ML, Galvao LMC, Macedo AM, Pena SDJ, Chiari E.