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SDJSociété des Journalistes (French: Society of Journalists)
SDJSporting Dog Journal
SDJSudetendeutsche Jugend (German: Sudeten German Youth)
SDJStarter Deck Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
SDJSendai, Japan - Sendai (Airport Code)
SDJSaudi Dental Journal (Saudi Arabia)
SDJSpiel de Jahres (German: Game of the Year)
SDJSekolah Dato Jaafar (Malaysian school)
SDJShiddukh du Jour (Hebrew: Prospective Marriage Partner of the Day)
SDJSouth Davis Junior (High School, Utah)
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At the end of the ceremony, the participants visited different sections of the high court and were briefed by the chief justice about the SDJ.
Enson said its main interest in acquiring SDJ was due to its strategic plan to expand operations, and gain market share northeast of Reading, Pennsylvania, where it currently owns and operates an Asian food distribution facility called Eleni Trading, Inc.
Enson Group said the acquisition of SDJ Trading provides market share penetration in the northeast sector of the US, contributing to the growth of Enson Group, Inc.
At the end of the incubation time 10 mL of the culture medium of SDJ containing the residue biomass of the yeast was transferred into a clean weighed (W) and dry class tube to calculate the fresh and dry biomass of the yeast to indicate the productivity of the single cell protein.
Gomes ML, Galvao LMC, Macedo AM, Pena SDJ, Chiari E.
Flinn's opening salvo seeking disenfranchised journalists read: "If you've ever found yourself lost by technobabble in meetings, then SDJ is for you.
Monster, world leader in the manufacturing of high-performance headphones, connectivity solutions and consumer electronics accessories, is pleased to announce that it has signed a long-term agreement to license the Monster brand name for use by Simi Valley-based SDJ Technologies, a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of high-performance Flash Memory Storage devices.
5 A M Aldosari, Oral Health Status among children in Jazan, SA, SDJ, 2000; 12(2): 69
Bicalho HMS, Pimenta CG, Mendes IKP, Pena HB, Queiroz EM, Pena SDJ (2006) Determination of ancestral proportions in synthetic bovine breeds using commonly employed microsatellite markers.
20 23 24 25 26 30 33 code([dagger]) 1888 V av av av av V av TBT 3298 V av av av av av av NBB 3956 av V av av av V av MBR 4206 av V av av V av av LCG 4483 V av V av av av av SDJ 4689 av V av av av av av MBG 4703 V av V av av av av NDB 5560 av V av av V av av MCG 5810 V V V av av av av TDD
I have to follow their every step (not literally, of course, or Russell Crowe would have an injunction out on me quicker than you can say 'Get out of my trailer SDJ, you freak