SDJVSea Duck Joint Venture (Alaska)
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After the pilot study, we worked with the SDJV to acquire funding for a study titled "Migration patterns, habitat use, food habits, and harvest characteristics of LTDUs wintering on Lake Michigan" and planned to use satellite telemetry to determine the temporal and spatial patterns of migration, breeding ground affiliations, fidelity to wintering areas, and habitat use of LTDUs that winter on Lake Michigan.
Working again with the SDJV, we acquired 5 older satellite transmitters to deploy during our fall 2016 capture effort in male LTDUs that seemed to be more susceptible to capture.
Consequently, life-history attributes of long-tailed ducks are poorly understood because few estimates for basic vital rates (e.g., annual adult survival, nest success, duckling survival) are available (Alison, 1975; SDJV Management Board, 2001).