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SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDKSoftware Developer's Kit
SDKSüddeutsche Krankenversicherung (health insurance company; Germany)
SDKStarter Deck Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
SDKSamurai Deeper Kyo (anime)
SDKSystem Development Kit
SDKStandard Development Kit
SDKSchutzgemeinschaft Der Kleinaktionäre (German: shareholder association)
SDKStompdown Killaz (graffiti crew)
SDKSandakan, Sabah, Malaysia (Airport Code)
SDKSystem Design Kit
SDKSekt, Dip and Knowledge Web
SDKSamahang Demokratiko Ng Kabataan (Philippines)
SDKSkin Decontamination Kit
SDKSardaukar (Team Fortress 2 Clan)
SDKSelf-Development Kit
SDKShrinkIt Disk (compressed disk image file format/extension)
SDKSkin Decontaminating Kit
SDKSluzba Drustvenog Knjigovodstva (Croatian, now Fina)
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Moreover, it provides granular control over the SDK privacy permissions and allows developers to simply turn off SDKs or certain functionality within an SDK without harming app stability.
The Reactivity SDK simplifies and speeds the integration of Reactivity Gateways with existing custom infrastructure, and demonstrates our commitment to ease of integration and to future-proofing our customers' investments regardless of infrastructure and data format," said Andrew Nash, Reactivity's CTO.
SDK has developed a piping system that maximizes the performance of car air-conditioners within a limited space of engine rooms.
1x SDK includes support for industry standard authentication methods.
The release of this SDK now means that any developer who wants to use it to enhance their use of ESS, or add it to their own solution will have the tools they need to quickly build an integrated solution.
SDK has established a wide-ranging product line of GaN-based LED chips covering the wavelengths from 390nm (near ultraviolet) to 555nm (pure green), in addition to the already commercialized aluminum-gallium-indium-phosphide (AlGaInP) red to yellow-green LED.
We are pleased to offer the functionality provided by the Dragon NaturallySpeaking SDK Server Edition as part of our comprehensive solution.
Beyond new support for Microsoft Windows Vista and Linux, the AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.
SDK has filed for patent for this world's first material and for related patents.
The PDT SDK supports OpenGL but also includes the PDT Image Warper for hardware-independent rendering of images.
The OmniPage Capture SDK is used as the scanning and document conversion technology by nearly all of the leading commercial vendors implementing scanning, OCR or PDF capabilities into their applications, including Accusoft, Adlib eDoc Solutions, AnyDoc Systems, Autodesk, Bowe Bell & Howell, Captaris, Cardiff Software, Canon, Electronic for Imaging, EMC Captiva, Freedom Scientific, Hyland Software, Kofax, Omtool, Microsoft, Westbrook Technologies and Xerox.
SDK will also upgrade part of the facilities at other locations to ensure production of cylinders for color printers while expanding capacities through debottlnecking.