SDKUSlovak Democratic and Christian Union (political party)
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Moreover, it can be concluded that Christian democrats (KDH) were at the time the most interested in harsh transitional justice pursuit, followed by SDKU and SMK.
Dzurinda and other SDKU officials have denied any wrong-doing.
Although Fico's party gained the largest share of parliamentary seats of any party, the four center-right parties SDKU, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), KDH, and Bridge (Most-Hid) were able to form a governing coalition.
The SDKU Series was developed based on Alps many years of accumulated insert molding technology and realizes encoder functioning for mode selection in the lower part of the product and power switch functioning in the upper part of the product.
The SMK became the second largest party in a government coalition that consisted of the SDKU (SDKU--Slovak Democratic and Christian Union), SMK, KDH (Christian Democratic Party), and ANO (Alliance of New Citizens).
Against all expectations, his SDKU party captured second place in the polls, with around 15%.
SDKU has been in coalition with the right-wing Christian-Democratic Movement (KDH) and the Party of Hungarian Coalition (SMK).