SDLASouth Dakota Library Association
SDLASynchronous Data Link Adapters
SDLASuccessive Detection Logarithmic Amplifier
SDLASelf Directed Learning Aptitude
SDLASantos de Los Angeles (band)
SDLASignaling Data Link Allocation
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With SDLA Visualizer customers not only get sophisticated modeling capabilities to verify compliance to serial standards, they also achieve a seamless transition between characterization, compliance, and debug environments.
To meet these needs, SDLA Visualizer provides complete 4-port modeling and takes into account transmitter output impedance, scope and receiver input impedance, and channel and fixture impedance to provide the truest representation of the signal possible.
SDLA makes this task easier with a complete set of plots including frequency response, phase response, and plots of all 16 S-parameters.
IBIS AMI Model Integration To make it easier to work with silicon-specific IP models, the SDLA Visualizer goes beyond supporting reference receiver equalization techniques and can incorporate vendor-specific receiver equalization and clock recovery algorithms to help configure and define the link model.
Using a SDLA measurement system from Tektronix, an entire design from the transmitter to the receiver comparator can be characterized and tested for compliance.
SunLion's Sabatino/Day, Brenalt Sabatino Day and SDLA joined forces to deliver a strong track record in multicultural branding and advertising as well as a 20-year relationship with Pioneer Electronics and an LA presence.
SunLion companies include Sabatino/Day; Brenalt Sabatino Day, SDLA and Sunlion Films, an entertainment company producing award-winning films, such as DALLAS 362 and FALSIFYIN', a new documentary on Boogie Woogie music, and television.
SDLA, a SunLion company, is the Los Angeles home for Sabatino/Day, and provides creative development and client services to global clients located in the Western U.