SDLAState Driver Licensing Agency
SDLASouth Dakota Library Association
SDLASynchronous Data Link Adapters
SDLASuccessive Detection Logarithmic Amplifier
SDLASantos de Los Angeles (band)
SDLASelf Directed Learning Aptitude
SDLASignaling Data Link Allocation
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The SDLA and 30-GHz probing system, he said, serve serial bus applications at 6 GHz and above.
Loberg said, "DPOJET and its extensive measurement library are utilized to make measurements at any point within the link to look at the effects of channel modeling and/ or equalization that have been deployed using SDLA."
More than 30 analysis suites can run on the series including the new [I.sup.2]C and SPI bus analysis, DPOJET for jitter and eye diagram analysis, DDRA for DDR memory bus verification, SDLA for EQ/channel emulation and analysis, and SignalVu for frequency-domain display and analysis.
Contract award notice: Increased transport supply in sectors iii and iv of marne-la-valle (sdla) chessy - phase 2 - project management mission.
The touchstone file then can be imported into a real-time oscilloscope and processed using serial data link analysis (SDLA) software.
Contract notice: Sdla vincennes station - lot t4: Carcass work and second work on the quays.
Further to false rumours circulating, the Company can confirm that sustained artesian conditions resulting in well blow-outs were not encountered during this drill program nor during any other activities on the Project during Lithium Xs ownership or control of SDLA. All permits received in regards to the completed work programs (drilling, pumping tests, and seismic surveys) and the construction of the Initial Ponding Facility are in good standing and have not been revoked, suspended or in any way materially affected by any government agency or other authority.
Contract notice: Implementation of a life base at vincennes station - sdla project.
Contract notice: Sdla - vincennes - restructuring and renovation of the station - lot t3: civil works and second work for the station building and expansion of secondary accesses.
Integrated with switch matrix (Option SWX-DP) for hands free automation Flexible fixture de-embed capabilities using either a default filter file or a custom filter file created using the Tektronix Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) application.