SDLMStandard Depot Level Maintenance
SDLMScheduled Depot Level Maintenance
SDLMSerial Data Link Module
SDLMSoftware Design Level Model
SDLMSpray-Dried Lipid-Based Microparticles
SDLMSoftware Development Lifecycle Methodology
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Acronyms API: Application programming interface DAG: Directed acyclic graph DSMS: Data Stream Management System GFS: Google File System HDDs: Hard disk drives HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System IDC: Industrial Development Corporation NoSQL: Not Only SQL REST: Representational state transfer SDI: Scientific Data Infrastructure SDLM: Scientific Data Lifecycle Management UDFs: User Defined Functions URL: Uniform Resource Locator WSN: Wireless sensor network.
The paper introduces the Scientific Data Lifecycle Management (SDLM) model that includes all the major stages and reflects specifics in data management in modern e-Science.
My team and I were preparing good, old Hawkeye 602--one of the many workhorses of the E-2 community--for a trip to SDLM. The maintenance department had been tasked to take a hard look at her and to make sure that every corrosion discrepancy was identified and corrected before it left on its journey.
We went to Lockheed to pick up an aircraft that had been undergoing SDLM work.