SDLRSSelf-Directed Learning Readiness Scale
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Table-III: Comparison of the study groups according to the values of the three scales of the SDLRS.
Factors such as adult learners' fluency and perception in using Information and Communication Technology (ICT), particularly in network literacy, and their Self-Directed Learning Readiness (SDLR) can be critical elements in determining the effectiveness of online learning (Hiemstra, 2006; Lema & Agrusa, 2009; Song & Hill, 2007).
The present study explored the SDLR and network literacy of civil servants in an online training program in Taiwan.
This purpose of the study was to explore the relationship between SDLR, network literacy, and online learning effectiveness of civil servants in Taiwan.
The instrument contained 50 Likert-type items of a 5-point rating scale corresponding to 4 dimensions of SDLR, 2 dimensions of network literacy, and 4 dimensions of online learning effectiveness.
Age Differences on the SDLR and Network Literacy Scales
The subjects responded to the self-directed learning readiness scale (SDLRS) (Guglielmino, 1978) after being assured of confidentiality.
This sample consisted of 273 managers and nonmanagers in large-to medium-sized companies who responded to a Chinese version of the SDLRS. Eight percent (21) were senior level managers or owners; 10% (27) were mid-level managers; 21% (57) were supervisors; 59% (161) were nonmanagers; and seven did not indicate their level.
The subjects responded to the Spanish version of the SDLRS.
Roberts (1986) administered the SDLRS to a random sample of 655 employees at the Hong Kong Telephone Company in Hong Kong.
The SDLRS was administered to a total of 628 managers and nonmanagers in large to medium-sized companies.
Before implementing a self-directed approach to training and development, Motorola determined the readiness by testing associates (employees) with the SDLRS. An analysis of the workforce was carried out by job categories and by level of employee.