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SDMASpace Division Multiple Access
SDMASan Diego Museum of Art (California)
SDMASymmetric Dimethylarginine
SDMAStorage Device Migration Aid
SDMASiple Dome A
SDMASerial Direct Memory Access
SDMASwaps and Derivatives Market Association
SDMASecond Marine Division Association
SDMASmallTalk Distributed Messaging Architecture
SDMASlave Direct Memory Access
SDMASteel Dragons Martial Arts (Beaver Falls, PA)
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Serum or plasma SDMA may be a more sensitive biomarker of renal function compared with creatinine.
According to the CAG report, till 2012 there were only seven states that had set up SDMA.
They are essentially in agreement with stability data previously reported for folate (25), vitamin B2 (3, 26), vitamin B6 (3, 27, 28), cobalamin (3, 25), choline (14, 29), betaine and dimethylglycine (14), total homocysteine (24), methionine and other amino acids (30, 31), methylmalonic acid (32), ADMA, SDMA (33), and creatinine (34).
Another is that Sun doesn't want to talk about the details of the software roadmap outlined in the SDMA.
He said PDMA Punjab, SDMA Kashmir and NDMA teams besides local and foreign NGOs are also actively participating in the relief operations.
Over one million pets tested; SDMA detects over 2 times the number of cats and dogs with kidney disease
SDMA, in contrast, is a competitive inhibitor of cellular arginine transport; increased SDMA levels are associated with renal dysfunction (7).
Wavion's solution provides better coverage, higher capacity and interference immunity, using smart antenna, beamforming and SDMA technologies.
In just a few weeks, nearly 9,000 US veterinary practices have benefitted from SDMA results on over 140,000 patients.
The AJK SDMA sources told here on Monday that the people dwelling in the areas close to the rivers and the seasonal nullahs to stay off the flooded rivers and nullahs to avert any threat to their lives and properties.
Mohammad Akram Sohail DG SDMA on the preventive measure ensured in the pre monsoon contingency plan, state of preparedness of all relevant departments besides the requirement of tents.
Kakimoto and Akazawa (3) showed that both ADMA and SDMA are excreted in the urine, but experimental evidence indicated that SDMA, in contrast to ADMA, is almost completely eliminated by renal excretion (8).