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SDMSSociety of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
SDMSScientific Data Management System
SDMSSCSI Device Management System
SDMSSimple Document Management System
SDMSSouth-Doyle Middle School
SDMSShipboard Data Multiplex System
SDMSSan Diego Mycological Society (San Diego, California)
SDMSSouthwestern Donkey Mule Society
SDMSStuart Disease Management Services, Inc.
SDMSSONET/Digital Multiplex System
SDMSSynchronous Digital Multiplex System
SDMSStandard Database Management System
SDMSSolution Deployment Management System (Pitney Bowes)
SDMSSuperfund Documents Management System
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To further facilitate the system users, the SECP has placed system usage video instructions on the home page of the SDMS.
SDMS and Astriane service the same customers and have complementary skills, according to Landrot.
Unlike the present control setups, which are wired with all the cables coming back to a central controller, the SDMS system is designed to provide distributed process monitoring and measurement.
As such, the demand for SDMS grew tremendously from 2000 to 2003, generating over $40 million in revenues.
com)-- Leading UK Staff Development and Personnel Solutions provider, SDMS Ltd, together with Epignosis, the developer of eFront[R], today announced the release of a new classroom module to complement the already extensive functionality of eFront[R] its award winning e-Learning platform.
Some in the industry may argue that, with the expanding functionality incorporated into current LIMS, ELN and SDMS products, these terms have become obsolete.
With available products like the Waters NuGenesis SDMS platform, a lab can capture the actual content of the reports (not just an image) and place the data into an Oracle relational database, storing all pertinent metadata at the time of data insertion for subsequent searches.
However, SDMS also extended the technologies available to Waters.
NuGenesis SDMS seamlessly interoperates with existing IT systems and programs, exchanging data with LIMS, bioinformatics and enterprise document management systems, electronic lab notebooks, analytics and visualization programs, while conforming to regulatory and intellectual properly requirements.
Toshiba to Showcase Suite of Premium Performance and Ergonomically Friendly Ultrasound Units at SDMS Annual Meeting
As the ELN moved across departments, integration expanded to include other technologies like SDMS.
A pilot with NuGenesis SDMS was undertaken using a single solution implementation approach, with one centralized database for data archival from all instruments at both sites.