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The interviews conducted within the scope of this research have shown that some teachers have only learnt that they are members of the school development management team owing to the research, and some have lacked sufficient information about the objectives and activities of SDMTs. This overall illiteracy about the philosophy of school development management teams has served as a barrier for members of these teams to develop a sense of ownership.
Teachers do not want to take responsibility in the SDMTs. It is not sufficient for a school administration to establish a SDMT on the basis of the relevant regulations.
One of the biggest problems of SDMTs is that teachers are generally selected among those teaching the same subject matter by the administration disregarding the principle of volunteerism;
Hence, it is necessary to better understand the problems experienced by the SDMTs in schools, to review the SDMT practices in the light of the findings of relevant research studies, and to plan a new implementation for the SDMTs.
Based on the findings of this research, it is possible to say that the SDMT members should be selected on a voluntary basis; that the school administration should believe in the SDMT and relentlessly support the team's activities; that the teachers' contribution to the team can be increased by re-arranging the member teachers' weekly course schedules and class hours; that there should be a teamwork awareness and culture in schools; that the goals of SDMTs should be embraced by the team members; that a rewarding mechanism may increase participation in teams; that the bureaucracy should be minimised in SDMT activities; that the school administrators, teachers, students and parents as well as public and private institutions in the community (e.g.
This led to the establishment of school development management teams (SDMT) in compliance with the school development management model.
Duties of School Development Management Teams (SDMT) are as follows (Cetinkaya & Tufan, 1999):
SDMT represents the school community in the management of the school development plan;
SDMT prepares and manages the school budget using the financial resources to be provided, and informs the school community and parents accordingly;
SDMT prepares and implements the school development plan;
SDMT decides, establishes and provides guidance to work groups that are to have an active role in this development process;
SDMT conducts activities to determine the current situation of the school;