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SDMXStatistical Data and Metadata eXchange
SDMXSpace Division Matrix
SDMXStandards on Data and Metadata Exchange (est. 2001)
SDMXSpace Division Multiplex
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immitis, 2 populations are suggested, SJV and SDMX, supported by our data and previous reports (Figure 1) (7).
Space-Time is the first commercial supplier of software to support the SDMX and DDI 3 standards.
software tools for online analytical processing data and production of NA tables and matrices according to the ESA2010 and software tools for producing outputs according to specifications and the SDMX standard.
In the Deutsche Bundesbank several proprietary OLAP systems are used based on the Microsoft SQL Server product line for analysis and evaluation of statistical data sets:: - DEPOlap for deposits in Statistics,: - Agents in the field of balance of payments,: - Ausis in the area of the external position of banks and: - SDMX business data analysis in the field of cross-secondary statistics and statistical systems.