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SDMXStatistical Data and Metadata eXchange
SDMXSpace Division Matrix
SDMXStandards on Data and Metadata Exchange (est. 2001)
SDMXSpace Division Multiplex
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Standard stock solutions of SP, STZ, SMZ, SDMX, SMX, SMPD, SMR, and TMP were prepared in acetonitrile at 1000 [micro] g x m[L.sup.-1], stored in 10 mL bottles, and kept at -20[degrees]C.
immitis, 2 populations are suggested, SJV and SDMX, supported by our data and previous reports (Figure 1) (7).
The mission supported the development of the National Summary Data Page (NSDP), which will be posted on the Central Bank of Honduras website, utilizing the Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) software.