SDNPSustainable Development Networking Programme (UN)
SDNPSouth Downs National Park (UK)
SDNPSingapore Duty Not Paid
SDNPService Delivery Network Program (Western Economic Diversification Canada)
SDNPSex, Drugs and Natalie Portman (film trilogy)
SDNPStandard Deviation of the Nuclear Perimeter
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SDNP currently offers assistance in establishing connectivity to national networks and the Internet, content provision and aggregation, and user training.
We have been a proponent and user of the Linux open source operating system since we began in 1992," said SDNP Technical Advisor Raul Zambrano.
I'm proud we have helped a little in SDNP getting results ranging from stimulating the provision of Internet access across Africa to saving lives in Pakistan by locating supplies of rare blood types needed for transfusions
The SDNP capitalizes on the global thirst for information by identifying key sources of critical data and by supplying this data via electronic networks to developing nations.
In the agreement's first phase, HP is slated to assist the SDNP in building an on-line information access and communication network in 16 countries -- using HP Internet hardware and software along with other technologies.
In Mexico, HP will provide computers and support to an SDNP project near Patzcuaro Lake, where surrounding communities face serious economic and environmental problems.
In China, SDNP is working with the State Science and Technology Commission, which spearheaded the formulation of the country's Agenda 21, a national economic, environmental and social strategy that aims to help the country meet national goals set as a result of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.
Support for the SDNP allows HP to apply its many years of technical and consulting experience to important and difficult challenges of global expansion.