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SDOSolar Dynamics Observatory (satellite)
SDOService Data Object
SDOSerial Data Output
SDOSoftware Delivery Optimization (Borland)
SDOSocial Dominance Orientation (psychology)
SDOSub Divisional Officer (india)
SDOStaff Duty Officer
SDOScattered Disk Object
SDOSquadron Duty Officer
SDOService Delivery Organization
SDOScheduled Day Off
SDOSurface dans Oeuvre (French: Work Surface)
SDOSuper Distributed Object
SDOStaff Development Officer
SDOScheda Dimissione Ospedaliera (Italian)
SDOSenior Defense Official
SDOStamp Distribution Office (US Postal Service)
SDOSudden Death Overtime
SDOSigned Data Object
SDOSilent Death Online
SDOSolenoid Driver Output
SDOShared Data Object
SDOSupply Depot Operations
SDOStandards Developing/Development Organization
SDOShip Development Objective
SDOStormwater Discharge Outfall
SDOAerolineas Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (ICAO code)
SDOSamo Development Organisation (Somalia)
SDOSpecial Duty Only
SDOSupport for Diplomatic Operations (Intelligence)
SDOSpeedometer Drive Output
SDOSystem Development Operations
SDOSolution Delivery Officer (supply chain management)
SDOShip's Debarkation Officer
SDOSan Diego Opera (San Diego, CA)
SDOSpecial Duty Officer (various armed forces)
SDOState Demography Office (Colorado)
SDOStrategic Debriefing Officer (US DoD)
SDOSoftware Development Outsourcing
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The season lasts about three weeks and during that time, around the equinoxes, the Earth comes between the SDO and the Sun, (https://www.
At the lowest tier, sub-division Rural Area Kasur under Acting SDO Mr.
But an SDO revocation does not guarantee the automatic distribution of lands, gauging by the case of Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac province.
In this model, it was demonstrated that individuals high in SDO were more likely to dehumanize refugees than were those low in SDO.
Importantly, much research has focused on SDO as a broad ideological belief system that predicts a variety of more specific attitudes and beliefs (see e.
The present study builds on this research by utilizing the underlying methodology as a foundation upon which to investigate the relationship between SDO, a personality variable, and the correspondence bias, an error in attribution.
The imagery is an example of the kind of data that SDO provides to scientists.
However, there are not studies that analyze the relationship between RWA, SDO and the perception of the controllability to explain the prejudice toward obese people.
Its feasibility is expected to be completed by September - October 2014, if SDO gets Rs.
On March 11, however, SDO was treated to two transits.
LAHORE, July 22 -- An FIA official from Multan caught a WAPDA SDO red-handed while he was taking bribe from a citizen.
We have so much high-resolution data from SDO that we need to make sure that we don't miss anything important.