SDOEScreaming Demons over Europe (flight simulator)
SDOESystem Design for Operational Effectiveness
SDOEStatistical Design of Experiment
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Hence, this sDOE methodology consists in a central rotary composite design with a series of ([2.sup.k] + 2k + 1) experiments, plus (2 + k) central, replicated runs, where k is the number of the independent variables chosen (in our case mica and aPP-pPBMA) [18, 19].
Toutefois, on demontre dans ce travail que le design statistique d'experiences (SDOE) peut fournir un meilleur contenu informatif lorsqu'il est mesure quantitativement a l'aide d'un critere D-optimal.
The approach that satisfies the requirements of optimality in the number of runs and orthogonality in the combination of input changes is statistical design of experiments (SDOE).
Although the simulation studies by Rollins and Bhandari (2004) and Bhandari and Rollins (2003) demonstrate better model building from SDOE, these studies do not give a quantitative measure of the relative greater information content of SDOE over PRSD.
Using this measurement of information efficiency, this work demonstrates SDOE superiority over PRSD for the cases studied.
The first scenario compares the efficiency of SDOE to PRSD.
Perhaps the most important initiatives, included in the 1994 and 1995 budgets, were the foundation of the School of Training (SEYYO) and of the SDOE. By 1999, SEYYO had trained about 13 500 employees, issued two manuals on control and collection procedures for SDOE and the local tax collection authorities (DOY), and started training on the new information system for the legal information data bank.
[123] A recent report, following a systematic probe carried out by SDOE in a number of such companies, points out that their number is growing rapidly, particularly in the domains of real estate, import and intra-EU trade brokerage.
(93.) The SDOE has an average annual budget of GRD 22 billion to cover: a) the cost of ordinary and extraordinary salaries for 1 300 employees (GRD 9 billion) and b) operating costs, such as rent, petrol, equipment for investigations etc.
-- The Special Bureau of Tax Investigation (SDOE) was established.
This records data on inspections of compulsory and optional books and records for every undertaking, automatically checks tax and insurance liabilities prior to inspection, maintains data on assets confiscated and administers the assessment of fines levied either by the tax inspectorate or by external audit agencies (SDOE).
-Consider the merits of integrating SDOE into GSPR.