SDOFSingle Degree of Freedom
SDOFSan Diego Oceans Foundation (California)
SDOFSemantic Depth of Field
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This MDOF example can be viewed as the superposition of dynamic behavior of a number of SDOF systems [3].
2009) studied probabilistic characteristics of seismic ductility demand of SDOF systems with Bouc-Wen hysteretic behaviour.
A number of quantities can be derived, all related to the same series of SDOF oscillators.
El desplazamiento x(t) del SDOF para una aceleracion del suelo arbitraria a(t) puede obtenerse mediante la integral de convolucion de Duhamel con la respuesta impulsional h(t) del oscilador amortiguado
A model of a lever-spring isolator is the SDOF system shown diagrammatically in Figure 5.
A simpler alternative to assess the earthquake ductility demand for SDOF oscillators is to neglect the elastic motion altogether and to refer to a rigid-plastic model.
Xu, "Principal resonance responses of SDOF systems with small fractional derivative damping under narrow-band random parametric excitation," Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, vol.
The shock pulse is to be processed by an SRS analyzer having 1,000 SDOF lines spaced linearly at 10-Hz increments over the interval of 10 Hz to 10 kHz.
The book begins by discussing free vibration of single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) systems, both damped and undamped, and forced vibration (harmonic force) of SDOF systems.
Damage detection for a nonlinear SDOF system under deterministic and random load, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Structural Safety andReliability (ICOSSAR 2001), CD.
Each of the SDOF systems generates a sine wave with a random phase relative to the other SDOF systems.
The optimum parameters of MTMD installed on an undamped SDOF subjected to harmonic base excitation is studied by Jangid (1999).