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All the students who fainted at Hun Sen Ang Sdok High School described experiencing similar symptoms - numbness, dizziness and difficulty breathing, sometimes with the feeling of their throat being clenched - before fading out of consciousness.
One of the reasons for paying close attention to the inscription of Kok Rosei is that the Sten An Sivacarya who was involved in the temple appears to be none other than the Sivacarya who belonged to the lineage that according to the Sdok Kak Thom inscription could be traced from Sten An Sivakaivalya during the time of Jayavarman II, to Sadasiva, author of the inscription in 1052.
But the passage has indeed been interpreted as one that refers secondarily to the devaraja ceremony of the Sdok Kak Thom inscription.
258) [33] as well as in the Sdok Kak Thom inscription.
The terminology and the projection into an earlier period are features that will also characterize the Sdok Kak Thom inscription of 1052.
Other parts of the Sdok Kak Thom inscription indicate that the devaraja was a cult object.
Much of the difficulty of the Sdok Kak Thom inscription derives from the breadth of the claims made by Sadasiva.
(22.) There are several Sivacarya in tenth-century epigraphy, but Adhir Chakkravarti has concluded that these two were identical: Adhir Chakkravarti, The Sdok Kak Thom Inscription, pt.
They did not obtain such power from the top down, through a gift from the gods, or by having a special relationship with Siva or Vishnu (like the kings of Angkor described in the Sdok Kak Thom Inscription [187]).