SDOMStandard Deviation of the Mean
SDOMSecure Disk on Module
SDOMStation Development and Operations Meeting
SDOMService Driven Operation Management (HP OpenView)
SDOMSewage-Derived Organic Material
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Staff shortages at SDoM - including drivers, and lack of facilities to monitor mining operations among them weighing scales - has worsened the situation.
Here, sdom is the mcsched_dom structure having vcpu to call the reset_credit() function owing to insufficient credits.
These intermediate steps are necessary in order to arrive at what tradition reckons to be "flawless and perfect bhiksuni vows" (dge slong ma'i sdom pa nyes med phun sum tshogs pa).
It is designed to supply Sdom's energy needs for the next 20 years while reducing the company's energy expenditures and protecting the environment.
semi(v) = min{u | there is an SDOM path from u to v}.
(115) The so-called antaroddana (bar sdom) found in the Vinayavibhanga at D 'dul ba, ja 50b6 or Q 'dul ba, nye 48b4 gives the title: dga' byed bstan pa'i mdo (on the types of uddanas used by the (Mula-)Sarvastivadins cf.
In addition to Bsod nams dpal bzang po's sources, the author also mentions the writings of Spos sgang [read: khang] pa ['Jam dbyangs] Rin chen rgyal mtshan (1348-1430), the sixth abbot in the Chos lung pa lineage of Sakyasri's vinaya transmissions, after which he retired to Spos khang monastery per se, aged sixty-three, in 1411, where he wrote his famous Sdom gsum rab dbye commentary in 1423; for his biographical sketch, see MKHAN 18a.
Buddhist consecration was first known to Tibet through the translation of Tantric scriptures and liturgical works of Indian masters, all made possible through the collaboration of at least one Indian Pandita and one Tibetan translator, the earliest including Vajrapani and Maben Choebar (Dpal 'khor lo sdom pa'i rab gnas); Krishna Pandita and Goe Khugpa Lhatse (Rab gnas kyi cho ga'i tshul); Kanakavarman and Patsab Nyima Drakpa (Rab gnas kyi cho ga mdor bsdus pa); Kashmir Pandita Jnana-vajra, Dro Sherab Drakpa (Rab tu gnas pa mdor bsdus pa'i rgyud) and a few others.