SDOTSeattle Department of Transportation (Seattle, WA)
SDOTSaturation Driven Oxygen Therapy (now Dynamic Therapeutics Ltd.)
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For a corridor to be considered as a candidate for a road diet, SDOT requires that it be identified in the city's list of complete streets capital projects or its pedestrian or bicyclist master plans.
As for congestion, SDOT has found an actual gain in efficiency by removing left turns from travel lanes.
In terms of the second concern, SDOT monitors traffic through the affected neighborhood pre- and post-implementation to determine whether diverted traffic causes a problem.
The FTA's formula-apportioned funds also bypass the MPOs, going directly to local and state transit operators or to the SDOT.
The SDOT then supports the project from these funds when it is advanced to implementation.
However, it has been argued that the SDOT often has the upper hand in project funding negotiations with MPOs because it can reallocate monies to other parts of the state (with the exception of a relatively small amount of attributable funding).
Cooperation is required between MPOs and SDOTs in spending state-controlled ISTEA funds within the MPO region.
One particularly complex part of this process is that SDOTs are expected to provide MPOs with estimates of federal and state funds available, while MPOs and transit operators should be prepared to discuss with the state, and with each other, methods for estimating local funds, as well as regional shares of state and federal funds.
Tetra Tech will assist SDOT in replacing the central portion from S.
Tetra Tech has extensive experience with delivering multi-disciplinary design efforts, enhancing marine habitats, preparing environmental documentation, and providing permit support for large, complex projects involving land and water," said SDOT in a statement released by the City of Seattle.
As a public agency, SDOT adopted ProjectTalk to manage complex capital projects more effectively and improve construction project accountability.
SDOT selected P7 Integration, in partnership with Kelar Pacific, LLC, as its professional services provider.