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SDPSession Description Protocol
SDPService Delivery Platform (Sprint)
SDPSocial Democratic Party
SDPSingapore Democratic Party
SDPSociety of Decorative Painters
SDPSan Diego Padres
SDPService Discovery Protocol
SDPSemidefinite Programming
SDPSoftware Development Plan
SDPSoftware Development Process
SDPSavings Deposit Program
SDPSocial Democratic Party of Croatia
SDPSoftware Development Platform
SDPSite Development Plan
SDPSchool Development Program
SDPSubstantive Due Process
SDPService Data Point
SDPSociety of Decorating Professionals
SDPSosiaalidemokraattinen Puolue (Finnish: Finnish Social Democratic Party)
SDPStable Dependencies Principle
SDPScience Data Processing
SDPStrain Distribution Pattern
SDPSocial, Domestic and Pleasure (motor insurance)
SDPSystem Development Plan
SDPSefate Democratic Party (Lesotho)
SDPSenior Design Project
SDPStarter Deck Pegasus (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
SDPService Delivery Partner
SDPSilent Drill Platoon
SDPSignal Data Processor
SDPSum of Disjoint Products
SDPSafety Data Package
SDPStudent Development Program
SDPStreaming Data Procedure
SDPSystem Design Plan
SDPSustainable Development Partnership
SDPSystem Decision Paper
SDPSosyalist Devrim Partisi (Turkey)
SDPSteepest Descent Path
SDPSilent Discharge Plasma
SDPSectoral Development Programme
SDPShelf Discovery Protocol (Cisco)
SDPSodium Dihydrogen Phosphate
SDPstrategic distribution platform (US DoD)
SDPSite Data Processor
SDPStrategic Data Plan
SDPStandard Data Processor
SDPSand Point Municipal Airport (Alaska)
SDPSilver Discount Properties (Los Angeles, CA)
SDPSpiral Development Process
SDPSuivi de Projet (French: Project Tracking)
SDPSequenced Data with Poll (Cisco)
SDPSanjak Democratic Party (Serbia)
SDPSocial Development Partnerships (Canada)
SDPSimple Device Protocol
SDPSegment and Drop Policy (IEEE)
SDPSystem Definition Phase
SDPSpray Dried Powder (ceramic industry)
SDPService Drive Process (automobile dealerships)
SDPSpecial Documentation Project
SDPSystem Data Processor
SDPSimilar Data Pattern
SDPSingle Department Purchasing
SDPSource Data Package
SDPSolvent Detergent Plasma (hematology)
SDPSocijalna Demokratska Partija
SDPSuomen Demokraattinen Puolue (Finnish: Finnish Democratic Party)
SDPSlave Dispatch Processor
SDPSolution Development Prompter (CustomerCentric Systems, LLC)
SDPScenario Development Plan
SDPScreen Definition Processor (Unisys)
SDPSensor Display Processor
SDPSpecial Departure Procedure (thrust deficient aircraft)
SDPStrategic Distribution Partner
SDPSet Delay Point
SDPSupplier Delivery Performance
SDPService Delivery/Distribution Point
SDPSynchronous Data Push
SDPStandard Distance Package
SDPStorage & Distribution Point
SDPSigma Delta Phi Sorority (University of the Philippines)
SDPStaff Development Programme (various locations)
SDPSoftware Data Protection
SDPSpookie Daly Pride (band)
SDPSkype Developer Program
SDPSchool District of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
SDPService du Domaine Public (French: Service in the Public Domain; Switzerland)
SDPState Data Program (highway safety)
SDPSkills Development Project (various organizations)
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Senior vice president, Molex, Tim Ruff, said Molex and SDP will jointly boost our RF/Microwave product capabilities and generate additional value for our customers in the expanding wireless infrastructure market.
The growth rates in the state domestic products has been calculated by taking the log of base triennium's SDP (average of three consecutive years) and by subtracting it from the log of last triennium's SDP.
As part of its core business model, SDP will pursue opportunities for conversion, capital improvements and ground-up development, focusing in targeted U.
This number was then subtracted from the actual number of pooled platelets transfused during the study period to give the estimated number of SDP saved.
Currently, Huawei SDP solutions are being used by more than 100 operators around the world including the top five multinational telecom operators globally.
After two months, they have a total of $800 in their SDP savings account.
The surface morphologies of SDP were observed using a scanning electron microscope (SEM, HITACHI, X-650) at 10 kV acceleration voltage, after gold coating.
Hosted Service and On-site SDP Appliance Available for Enterprises' Varied Needs
The SDP drove a hard bargain, demanding half of the seats in the new cabinet.
SDP provides the capability to store data on a wide variety of storage devices, as well as perform a variety of functions, including the following:
These economic problems surfaced before 1990, but only in that year did the Swedish SDP leader lngvar Carlsson propose cuts to the welfare system.
But the SDP's Iwate chapter said it will field Masahiro Isawa, 62, a former prefectural assembly member, for the prefectural district, and plans to ask the SDP headquarters Monday to endorse his candidacy.