SDPASociety of Dermatology Physician Assistants
SDPAStandard Deviation for Proficiency Assessment
SDPAStrategic Development Planning Authority (Scotland)
SDPASouth Dakota Psychological Association
SDPAService Delivery Platform Architecture
SDPASwiss Federal Data Protection Act (also seen as DPA)
SDPAShort Dual Patch Antenna
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Theorem 5 relies on the fact that in the SDPA, each bid is final.
In summary, the model suggests important properties of the SDPA: the finality of bids, punishment with certain costs, no single-stage, buyer-preferred equilibria, which are all characteristics the SAPA does not have.
The institutional change to the SDPA, indicated by the leftmost vertical bar, causes the prices to move from the buyer preferred to a region near the seller preferred.
In all six figures, there is a clear downward trend before the switch to the SDPA. Figures 2A and 2B group all experiments together and show the number of bids and duration of the SAPA for each round.
After the buyer-preferred allocation had been obtained and persisted for several rounds in the SAPA or where time constraints were reached, the institution was changed to the SDPA. It is important to notice that at the time of the institutional change, a full tacit collusion was operating.
* SDPA protected well in the 149 [degrees] C oven agings particularly in the 7 day test.
The four primary antioxidants compared in the black loaded NBR compound were DAPD, PTMDQ-1, SDPA and A/DPA.
* In the dry heat, circulating air oven tests, the SDPA and the built in NAPM provided the best retention of physicals.
A commercial blend and the diphenylamine derivative (SDPA) were included for comparison.
Last week, President Obama proposed the Student Digital Privacy Act (SDPA) -- a law that would prevent corporations from using student data collected by technology in the classroom for marketing purposes, and would ensure that it only be used for educational purposes.
Allison Fitzpatrick, partner in the Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group of law firm Davis & Gilbert -- who specializes in privacy issues related to children -- says that the SDPA, along with the amendments to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), "provide greater protections for children's privacy, particularly with respect to targeted advertising."
In this connection, SDPA staged a demo to present its recommendations to both provincial and federal governments.