SDPCState Development Planning Commission (China)
SDPCSingapore Duty-Paid Cigarette
SDPCSan Diego Press Club (California)
SDPCSoutien Direct aux Populations du Cameroun
SDPCScience Data Processing Computer
SDPCShanghai Development Planning Commission
SDPCSensor Display Processor Control
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Motivated by the two defects of SDPC: (1) the cost of extra computations and bits; (2) the non-stationary of predictive model, the ST-Q is trying to overcome them in basis of SDPC.
17) NDRC, Hubei Sheng Wujia Ju Yifa Chachu Wuchang Yan Ye Fengongsi Qiangzhi Da Shou Anjian [Hubei Price Bureau Investigated Wuchang Salt Company 's Forced Tying Case], SDPC.
31) The SDPC had become increasingly Ontario-centred, and it is reasonable to believe that the negative impact of the Canadian Forward's misrepresentation of Lenin's conception of the dictatorship of the proletariat had a greater impact in eastern Canada than in the west.
55) In fact, state banks and even joint-stock banks routinely sent representatives to the SDPC to bid for state priority projects in western China.
Perhaps indicating that SDPC is already tightening the screws, State Power's investment over the first half of 2001 was down 13.
Domestic labour would be less burdensome because it would be collectivized, and the SDPC in particular discussed the transformation of domestic labour.
Kuhn greatly increases the value of the historical research by his attempts to begin linking cybernetic and systems theory with business practice through the SDPC model and to apply the historical lessons gleaned from this model to contemporary business issues.
Before we describe the transfer matrix method (TMM) for the calculation of PBS of SDPC, let us first mention the refractive index of InSb.
Notes: Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: 3/16/2016 at 11:00 AM at SDPC Operations, 415 Ann Street, Pickens, SC 29671.
The use of superconductor in an SDPC makes it tunable because the permittivity of a superconductor is strongly dependent on the temperature and the magnetic field as well [13].
variations of it, have been used by SDPC leaders in speeches since Khin
It is well known that, in the visible region, the bandwidth of PBG in an SDPC like Si/Si[O.