SDPCScoggin Dickey Parts Center (Lubbock, TX)
SDPCState Development Planning Commission (China)
SDPCShuttle Data Processing Complex (US NASA)
SDPCSingapore Duty-Paid Cigarette
SDPCSan Diego Press Club (California)
SDPCSoutien Direct aux Populations du Cameroun
SDPCScience Data Processing Computer
SDPCShanghai Development Planning Commission
SDPCSensor Display Processor Control
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Motivated by the two defects of SDPC: (1) the cost of extra computations and bits; (2) the non-stationary of predictive model, the ST-Q is trying to overcome them in basis of SDPC.
(17) NDRC, Hubei Sheng Wujia Ju Yifa Chachu Wuchang Yan Ye Fengongsi Qiangzhi Da Shou Anjian [Hubei Price Bureau Investigated Wuchang Salt Company 's Forced Tying Case], SDPC.GOV.CN (Nov.
A dataset is formed with the Sales quantity of cement for each state being taken as the dependent variable and Sdpm, Sdpc, Sdprail and Sdpotr for each state being taken as the independent variable.
State repression had by now precipitated the Social Democratic Party into a tailspin, and the paper reveals that the SDPC'S influence, especially in western Canada, was much diminished from what it had been prior to 1914.
Since the State Development and Planning Commission (SDPC) released a price cut policy on 383 categories of drugs by end of 2001, the drug price cut process has continued and the profit earning by the distribution sector has dropped dramatically.
For one, the GDW campaign greatly revitalized the rent-distribution role of the State Development and Planning Commission (SDPC), which saw its power decline throughout the reform period as investment decisions were devolved to local governments and individual enterprises.
(33) Additionally, in the past decade, China's State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) has granted $725 million to eighty-four state-sponsored research centers (34) in an effort to expand Shanghai's semiconductor output from $2 billion in 2000 to $24 billion in 2010.
The number of ministries and commissions was cut from 29 to 28, the SETC was eliminated, and the State Development and Planning Commission (SDPC) reorganized into the State Development and Reform Commission (SDRC), in an effort to improve the macroeconomic control system.
The feasibility study for the pipeline is still being examined by the State Development Planning Commission (SDPC), China's top planning body.
The rejected plan was nominally formulated by the State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC) but heavily influenced by the powerful State Development Planning Commission (SDPC).
(4) Chinese Natural Gas Demand Projection to 2020, SDPC Energy Institute, 1996.