SDPGSouthern Downs Protection Group (Australia)
SDPGSpatial Data Processing Grid
SDPGSan Dieguito Planning Group (Santa Fe, CA)
SDPGSeismic Design Procedures Group (Building Seismic Safety Council)
SDPGSan Diego Poetry Guild (California)
SDPGSelf Discovery and Personal Growth
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Methodologically, this study is a case study of two typical newspapers: the Guangzhou Daily (GD) of the GDPG and Southern Metro (Metro) of the SDPG. They are both among the most economically successful newspapers within their respective press groups, and they are both leading players in developing international news reporting in the region.
A computer program was written to construct SDPG numbers and exclude any regular palindromes.
The responsiveness to the GLP-1 analogue was evaluated by the standard deviation of plasma glucose (SDPG), mean amplitude of glycemic excursions (MAGE), and mean glucose compared to the baseline.
The mean glucose, SDPG, and MAGE were significantly decreased after GLP-1 analogue treatment (180.2 [+ or -] 5.4 versus 147.9 [+ or -] 3.8 mg/dL, P < 0.001; 65.1 [+ or -] 3.3 versus 50.7 [+ or -] 3.0 mg/dL, P < 0.001; and 123.9 [+ or -] 6.5 versus 98.8 [+ or -] 6.4 mg/dL, P = 0.001,resp.) (Table 1).
In particular, the T allele of rs3765467 and rs761386 was found to be associated with an opposite SDPG change (lower in rs3765467 and higher in rs761386) after GLP-1 analogue treatment.